Local High School Hosting Charity Show

Girl Up at East Peoria Community High School will host a charity show at the Apollo Theater on April 21.

Analog Planet (Normal), The Royalists (East Peoria), and The Floor (East Peoria) will perform at the Downtown Peoria theater next week to fundraise for Girl Up, a foundation of the United Nations. According to their website, Girl Up is a nationwide organization striving to bring health and social support to at-risk girls around the world. Backed by a variety of public figures, Girl Up has garnered consistent international attention for their efforts.

The show will be held at 7:00 PM at the Apollo Theater (311 S. Main Street) in Downtown Peoria. Groups like these deserve unanimous support from the community, as it is a valiant effort to make change for people they will never meet.

More information on the show is available on Facebook - click here for tickets.

- Mike

Mike Rundle