Milwaukee Hardcore Band Stone Announces Show in Peoria

Stone (Milwaukee hardcore) announced a tour recently and will be coming to RAIL II (2702 W Farmington Rd) for an all ages show on July 10th. Stone is comprised of some of the members of the Milwaukee hardcore band Expire who played their final show last month. Supporting Stone on this US tour is UK hardcore outfit Broken Teeth. The added local support will add some great variety to the show. Decatur hardcore band Capitol Offense is listed on the bill along with the math rock/emo Peoria band Unamused Dave. L10YD (originally from Peoria, now in Chicago) will have a DJ set featuring local chillwave hip hop artists M. Grimm and Mikul Vibez. 

Tickets are $10 and are available at venue. There will be a barbecue before the show that starts at 4pm and the first band will go on at 6pm. Come out early to the barbecue before the show and stick around for this awesome lineup. 

Matt Rundle