Snayl Releases Single From Upcoming Album "WITHOUT"

Champaign electronic artist Snayl released a song from their upcoming album today! The song titled "Warm Rain" features vocals from Cii La'Cole and is the second single released, following "Bebop Lizard."

Snayl (a.k.a. Austin Duncan) was recently voted best "New Experimental Project" by Smile Politely, a multi-faceted online magazine covering the Champaign-Urbana area. To raise funds for distribution of the new album, a Kickstarter campaign is underway with a $3,000 goal. According to Duncan, the cash from Kickstarter will allow for the release to be published on vinyl, CD, and worldwide streaming services. Click here to check out the campaign and hear the new song via Bandcamp below! Like Snayl on Facebook for all the latest updates!

(Thumbnail image: "Warm Rain" album art created by Boston Fleener)

Mike Rundle