Streaming: Marble Teeth, "Marble Teeth"

We are proud to present to you Marble Teeth's brand new self-titled EP. The EP's official release date is tomorrow and will be available for purchase on Marble Teeth's Bandcamp here.

Marble Teeth is Decatur's Caleb Jefson's solo project. Caleb also plays in the Decatur pop punk band Gadget who released a two song EP in October. Marble Teeth released an EP titled "fall demos" in October of last year and a split with Sleeping Whale in March. You can listen to those releases on Marble Teeth's Bandcamp. 

Also, make sure to keep up with Marble Teeth and Gadget at the links below. Support your local scene!

Marble Teeth: Facebook | Bandcamp 
Gadget: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram | Twitter

Matt Rundle