Black Sheep Cafe's 12th Anniversary Show Coming Up Soon

Black Sheep 12th Anniversary.jpg

If you don't know, you should know. The Black Sheep Cafe is a staple in the local music scene of Springfield that remains important for everyone in the scene. Black Sheep is located in Springfield's old south town neighborhood and is proudly an alcohol and drug free venue which caters local fans of all ages. If you're from Springfield or around there you've probably heard of or have been to Black Sheep. If you haven't heard of it or haven't been, please go! If you're from Peoria or Bloomington it's well worth the drive to be around the positive and uplifting attitude that the place radiates. The Black Sheep Cafe was created to promote local music by providing a positive all ages venue for people to do what they love. Make sure to check it out!

Their 12th anniversary show will feature two, count 'em, two new music releases from the local bands Stick People and Bottom Bracket. Both bands recorded their new music at Springfield's own Southtown Sound. So let's recap: local bands, local label, legendary local venue. Don't miss this!

Solo artist Kate Ridge and punk outfit Prowess are also on the bill and add some great dynamic to the show. The show is on Saturday September 16th at 7PM. It's only $5 to get in so swing by and hang out!

You check out the Facebook event page here.

Matt Rundle