Jared Grabb Releases New Music Video

Peoria acoustic/folk artist Jared Grabb released a music video for his song "Goddamn Blessed Man" off of his latest full-length titled "Masters" which he released earlier this year. "Goddamn Blessed Man" is only one of the many music videos Jared has released since his latest album came out. Check out his new music video below and his other videos on his Youtube page here

We also had a great time interviewing Jared on our podcast which can be found on Soundcloud here or on Apple Podcasts. Just search "Talk the Pulse" to find our interview with Jared and our interviews with other local bands.

Jared also released a new song two weeks ago titled "Fat Hill" in which he sings about his parents falling in love and starting a family during the Vietnam War era. Jared Grabb has always been an exceptional storyteller and "Fat Hill" is no exception. You can listen to that song on his Bandcamp here.


Matt Rundle