Prescience Tapes Sets Out to Highlight the Springfield Punk Scene

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The mastermind behind Prescience Tapes, Drew Kodrich, started the label to highlight Springfield’s punk and hardcore scene. There are an incredible number of hardcore/punk bands in Springfield and in the central Illinois area that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Drew is also co-owner of the infamous Springfield venue the Black Sheep Cafe, so he is no stranger to the scene. He plays in local Springfield bands Pryss, Small Man, and Undone and has a passion for DIY punk which sparked the beginning of Prescience Tapes after his original label Ooey Gooey Tapes ended.  

Drew told me in an interview that it’s not a huge operation but something that he loves to do. He uses the label to help promote other local bands in the genre by making tapes for the bands to do whatever they want with them. To help promote, Drew takes copies on tour with him and works with local record stores to get his Prescience Tapes releases in their stores. 

“I feel like Springfield is this weird animal where there’s a lot of things going on independent of one another,” Drew admitted, and I feel that this relates to many local scenes. He hopes to bring the local punk/hardcore scene and its fans together to feel more connected in what they’re doing. Small labels like Prescience Tapes and Drew’s goals and inspiration are what many local scenes need more of - planting a flag in your scene and helping to promote each other’s work. 

You can listen to all of Prescience Tapes’ releases at

Drew also gave shoutouts to many Springfield bands and I have links to their Bandcamp and Facebook pages below. Check these out! 

Prowess (Springfield hardcore): Bandcamp 

Livin’ Thing (Springfield punk): Bandcamp

Stick People (Springfield alt rock): Bandcamp | Facebook  

Alec James (Springfield folk): Bandcamp

Dream Probe (Champaign hardcore): Bandcamp 

Capitol Offense (Decatur hardcore): Bandcamp | Facebook

Bite (Chicago hardcore): Bandcamp | Facebook

Stye (Peoria Powerviolence): Bandcamp | Facebook 

Kowabunga! Kid (Champaign pop-punk/punk): Bandcamp | Facebook

Nectar (Champaign pop-punk): Bandcamp

Matt Rundle