Pryss Makes Bandcamp's Monthly Best of Punk List

The DIY music sharing website, Bandcamp, puts together lists that cover some of the best of a specific genre released each month. Springfield's Pryss made Bandcamp's March best of punk list with their latest 3 song EP titled Alogia. The full excerpt from the list is quoted below. You can give Pryss's Alogia a listen here and check out Bandcamp's full March Best of Punk list here.   

From Bandcamp's March Best of Punk:
"The latest EP from this Springfield, IL hardcore punk outfit is as impressive as their previous two releases, which were put out through Ooey Gooey Tapes. This three-song recording was released independently, and packs a series of quick punches with songs that mostly clock in around the two-minute mark. Writing passionately about the perils of the gender binary and the ongoing fascist horrors of America, Pryss captures the feeling of living through these times. The four-piece is adept at song structure, starting with manic intensity on “A Reproach,” before dropping into a heavy breakdown that borders on the psychedelic. “Scene Police” begins with an audio clip of somone asking, “Are you a bitch? ‘Cause I am.” It’s a sentiment any punk can relate to."

Matt Rundle