New Music Coming Soon from Waves

Local indie rock band, Waves, announced in a Facebook post last week that their next EP will be released on September 1st. Waves have released one other EP in the past titled, “Never Leaving Home,” in December of 2016. This upcoming EP was produced and mixed by J. Hall who has worked with Hidden Hospitals and House of Heroes. Recently, J. Hall has been working with Story of the Year on their highly-anticipated upcoming release, “S.P.E.C.T.R.E.”

The new Waves EP can be pre-ordered starting on August 1st and the official release date for the EP is September 1st. The band also stated in a Facebook post that there will be “... new merch, music, and more.” Be on the lookout for more to come from Waves and learn more about their upcoming EP by following them on all social media platforms @thebandwaves. You can listen to their last EP and their latest single on their bandcamp link here

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Matt Rundle